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A1 Chi Machine Directory of Health Products A1 Chi Machines Sitemap Directory to efficently guide you to all of your desired locations effortlessly! New Products include the Portable Far Infraray Sauna, Portable Steam Sauna, Organic Noni Juice, Folding Hand Cart, and the Popular Massage Chair. Offering A Wide Range of Massagers For All Your Kneads. From Reflex Roller, the Max, Slim Fairy, Eye Massager, Power Tingler, Pro Massager, and the Magnetic massager. The Original Sun Harmony Chi Machine has a 28 watt single speed motor, a plastic ankle cradle, and carrying handle. The Isabelle AB-08 Machine has a 48 watt heavy duty motor, a plastic ankle cradle and carrying handle. The Swing Master Deluxe Machine has a 20 watt variable speed motor, a padded ankle cradle, and an automatic timer. The UK-202 Deluxe Machine has a 48 watt motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, adjustable mechanical timer, and a folding carrying handle. The Exerciser 3000 Machine,  DC multi speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, L.E.D. silent timer,  State-of-the-art commercial quality engineering. The Exerciser 2000 Machine,  DC single speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, L.E.D. silent timer,  State-of-the-art commercial quality engineering. The Evergain CN-305 Deluxe Machine has2 motors, a 50 watt and a 20 watt variable speed motor, Massage Panel, Comfortable padded ankle rest with built in magnetic therapy , Heat Energy Elements,  Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering. The Top Selling Evergain CN-308DL Machine has 2 motors, a 55 watt, and a 20 watt variable speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest with neck cradle, Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering, Heated Far Infraray Foot Massager, Magnet Therapy & Reflexology,  Digital remote controlled timer with customizable settings. The Evergain CN305  Machine has a 50 watt variable speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest , Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering. The Chi Swing Machine has a 20 watt motor, an adjustable timer, and a molded carrying handle. The Chi Vitalizer CY106 machine has a heavy duty 40 watt motor, padded ankle cradle, automatic timer, and  a molded carrying handle. Visit our Bargain Basement for the latest sale priced and closeout health products. The Chi Flow Machine has a DC motor, 3 automatic programs, LCD control panel

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What on Earth is Chi or
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Prana Energy?

In Balance we coexist in harmony and peace.As the standard of living increases the interest in health is also rising and consequently Chi (pronounced: "chee") is increasing as well.

Chi, and Prana are known as "Life Force"To understand Chi we must look back to the very beginnings of Oriental Medicine to Taoism (pronounced: "dow-ism") which means The Way. Taoism is the most influential root of Oriental Medicine. The ancient medicine people or Taoist's main focus was to observe the ways of the natural laws governing the universe as a method to understand the unseen inner world of our bodies.

Chi is omni presentOne of the philosophical foundations upon which their medical theories was built recognized that everything in the universe is composed of two complementary yet opposing energetic forces known as Yin (female) and Yang (male). Yin the female principle is associated with water and represents the earth. Yang the male principle is associated with fire and represents heaven. Yin and Yang, female with male uniting the water energy of earth along with the fire energy of heaven are the two primary forces that are responsible for all of creation. Together this energetic life force of Yin and Yang is known as Chi, which means Energy. Einstein's famous equation concludes that energy forms matter and when matter disperses it coverts back to energy so every particle of existence is made of energy (Chi) and explains all movement, changes and phenonama in our universe. 

CHI is omnipotentThese ancient people believed that the same natural laws of Yin and Yang governing the universe had to influence human beings as well. We were not considered a separate entity, we were viewed as a miniature universe subjected to the very same laws.

CHI is harmony and peace.If Chi was the creating force of all visible components then they beilieved it had to be a factor behind our existence as well. From Yin and Yang came the Five Elements of the universe. These Five Elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal give birth to all things in creation, including human beings. 

CHI and its 12 energetic channels
The balance of yin yang and or CHI interacts with each aspect of totality

CHI is everywhereThe human body as a miniature universe houses 12 energetic channels or pathways wherein Chi flows. These channels are known as "meridians" and control both our gross and subtle anatomy. Our gross anatomy is the form that we can see whereas our subtle anatomy can not be seen by most individuals. This subtle energetic body represents the whole of who we are -- our body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Unlike the veins that our blood flows through meridian pathways also travel throughout  the entire body but rather than fluid they deal more with energy and states of consciousness. Each meridian is associated with one of the Five Elements and connects to a Yin or Yang organ of the body linking our states of consciousness.

CHI is lifeforceChi applies to the human body in 2 ways; inherit Chi and acquired Chi. Inherit Chi is the energy we receive from our parents at the time of conception. Acquired Chi is the energy accumulated by the quality of life we choose to lead, the food and the air ingested. Individuals become ill when either they can not absorb enough Chi or the circulation in their body has become blocked. The major cause of disease is the blockage of Chi circulation.

CHI is present in all that existsHuman beings do not sustain life by food and breathing alone. It is important to have a strong flow of energy within the body. Chi healing is an ongoing process of creating a balance between the Yin and Yang energies within our being. The most nutritious food would be of no use if our inner constitution is weak. In order to absorb and integrate the universal energy outside we must learn to integrate and strengthen the fundamental life force within our body.

With CHI we live in harmony and peace.Good health is living and being in balance with all aspects of our internal world - the body, mind, emotions and spirit so that we may be in balance and good relationship with all aspects of the external world.

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