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A1 Chi Machines Absolute Low Price Guarantee

N E W S  A L E R T

Simply put, our policy is to guarantee the best overall Internet shopping price on every product that we sell. If our price is not the lowest, we will beat the competition's internet shopping price, including shipping costs.

At A1 Chi Machines, we stand behind our products and services to each and every customer we serve. Our business model is simple: In fact, simplicity and customer service is what we are all about.

There are billions of products in America, and billions of manufacturers of those products. We feel that the old fashioned traditional business approach of spreading costly retail stores across the country, and shipping products needlessly two or three times from manufacturer, to distribution center, to retail store, before they end up in the consumers hands, is very wasteful.

Ultimately, it is the shopper and the earths valuable resources, that pays for the wastes. We believe that ideally a product should be manufactured, and shipped only once; to the consumer. This saves money, and at A1 Chi Machines, those savings are passed on to you.

L O W E S T  P R I C E Therefore, if you find the same product that we offer a low price guarantee on, for less, send us the website ad or the receipt, and we guarantee to beat the price when placing your order. We are glad to be of service, and our customers are always number one.

  • Our company, a1 Chi Machines has a vision to be the lowest price source for a wide variety of quality products sold.

  • Make it simple for you to locate your desired product.
  • Make it simple for you to understand everything about that product.
  • Make the ordering process effortless and simple.
  • Guarantee the sale of that product at the lowest possible Internet Shopping Price.
  • Maintain the most efficient and effective relationships with our customers and manufacturers.
  • Offer the highest level of customer service and follow up to assure our customers satisfaction after the sale.

Bottom line, if you find an identical product sold for an overall lower price over the Internet, we will beat that price.


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