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A1 Chi Machine Directory of Health Products A1 Chi Machines Sitemap Directory to efficently guide you to all of your desired locations effortlessly! New Products include the Portable Far Infraray Sauna, Portable Steam Sauna, Organic Noni Juice, Folding Hand Cart, and the Popular Massage Chair. Offering A Wide Range of Massagers For All Your Kneads. From Reflex Roller, the Max, Slim Fairy, Eye Massager, Power Tingler, Pro Massager, and the Magnetic massager. The Original Sun Harmony Chi Machine has a 28 watt single speed motor, a plastic ankle cradle, and carrying handle. The Isabelle AB-08 Machine has a 48 watt heavy duty motor, a plastic ankle cradle and carrying handle. The Swing Master Deluxe Machine has a 20 watt variable speed motor, a padded ankle cradle, and an automatic timer. The UK-202 Deluxe Machine has a 48 watt motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, adjustable mechanical timer, and a folding carrying handle. The Exerciser 3000 Machine,  DC multi speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, L.E.D. silent timer,  State-of-the-art commercial quality engineering. The Exerciser 2000 Machine,  DC single speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, L.E.D. silent timer,  State-of-the-art commercial quality engineering. The Evergain CN-305 Deluxe Machine has2 motors, a 50 watt and a 20 watt variable speed motor, Massage Panel, Comfortable padded ankle rest with built in magnetic therapy , Heat Energy Elements,  Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering. The Top Selling Evergain CN-308DL Machine has 2 motors, a 55 watt, and a 20 watt variable speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest with neck cradle, Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering, Heated Far Infraray Foot Massager, Magnet Therapy & Reflexology,  Digital remote controlled timer with customizable settings. The Evergain CN305  Machine has a 50 watt variable speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest , Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering. The Chi Swing Machine has a 20 watt motor, an adjustable timer, and a molded carrying handle. The Chi Vitalizer CY106 machine has a heavy duty 40 watt motor, padded ankle cradle, automatic timer, and  a molded carrying handle. Visit our Bargain Basement for the latest sale priced and closeout health products. The Chi Flow Machine has a DC motor, 3 automatic programs, LCD control panel

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Evergain Deluxe Portable FIR Energy Sauna

Portable FarInfraRay Sauna

T I N G L E R  H E A D  M A S S A G E R
Power Tingler Head Massager Ting Ting

Exerciser 3000 now available
Exerciser 1500 Chi Health Machine

  • The Original Chi Vitalizer CY106 Oxygen Health Exercise Machine (Not a fake or inferior copycat machine)

  • SALE $175.00

  • FREE Shipping in Cont. USA

C H I  V I T A L I Z E R  M A C H I N E
L O W E S T  P R I C E  G U A R A N T E E

The Original Chi Vitalizer Passive Aerobic Exerciser
Retail Price: $300.00 plus
 C L I C K  H E R E  T O  B U Y  N O WOur Price ONLY: 175.00
Your Savings: BIG!
Ships Within 24 Hours

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The Chi Vitalizer Machine

Chi Vitalizer CY106 Machine Details:

  • Durability Beyond Comparison The Chi Vitalizer carries a heavy duty variable speed 40 watt DC motor that is able to deliver QUALITY movement of all sizes of bodies while moving smoothly in a elliptical manner along an excellent designed arc pattern.

  • Elliptical Movement the Chi Vitalizer is the only machine on the market that is able to create a movement from lateral right and left, combined with a patented slight up and down action, increasing the bodies range of natural motion. The result is a quality elliptical movement much like that of a swing as it oscillates through the air.

  • Heavy Duty Design the weight of the Chi Vitalizer is a solid 18 lbs, more than 1/3 the weight of its closest competitor. A machine at this weight is able to maintain its own even with a heavy set user. The large body person would be the first to admit the trouble of light set machines. These machines, such as the Swing Machine, have great difficulty keeping the machine steady on the ground while trying to provide a steady movement for the user. Not so with the Chi Vitalizer. Also comes with a long 9.5" 3 prong cord so you can use almost anywhere without an extension cord *TEST RESULTS: The Chi Vitalizer with 20KG load ran continuously for over 3,000 hours.

  • Variable Speed Control, for the user to select the exact speed that they are most comfortable with offering a very wide range of choices. The unit has a built in timer that automatically shuts off at the end of each exercising oxygenating session. The thick padded ankle rest is removable which allows easy disassembly for occasional cleaning.

  • Wide Base Design - Offers a clean transfer of chi movement directly to the body without wobbling around and walking. The 18 lb. weight also helps to keep the machine secure and steady while in use.

  • Soft Heavy Duty Foot Pad - Made of a durable PVC leather. The foot rest of the Chi Vitalizer comes with a large foot rest that is comfortable and supportive.



If not pictured and labeled exactly as (Image Below) with a white color base it is definately NOT a Chi Vitalizer or CY106 machine.
The Chi Vitalizer Machine
T H E  O R I G I N A L  C H I  V I T A L I Z E R  M A C H I N E
The Authentic Chi Vitalizer CY106 Label
is made ONLY w/ these colors and words seen above.

Don't be misled with the inferior imitation models Oxy Twist, Swanking, etc.
sold elsewhere with grey, black, and also white color cases

(FAKE CY106 Images Seen Below)

I M I T A T I O N  C H I  V I T A L I Z E R

Fake Chi Vitalizer

and yet two more fakes in white (notice label difference)

Email's From Upset Customers:

"Regarding Another Website Using False Advertising On The CY106"

Name: Dave Sears
City: Holland
State: NY
Country: USA
Zip: 14080
Phone: 716-941-3184
email: Dgs941@aol.com
Comments: I recently purchased a Chi Machine
from ultimatewatermassage.com that they passed off as being the Chi
Vitilizer CY106. When it arrived it turned out to be a copy with the name of Swanking Cy106. Please post this on your web site and maybe it will keep somebody else from being ripped off by this company. Thanks Dave

Name: Pam Larusson

Comments: I recently received an item from another website that is stating that it is the Chi Vitalizer CY106....it does not have the label stating Chi Vitalizer (body stimulator) or look anything like the original CY106...It has the name of "Swanking"..CY 106...Health Oxy Twist device...the seller has shown a picture of your authentic machine the original Chi Vitalizer CY106 and to top it off when all was said and done charged me 38.00 for shipping...can you give me any information as I purchased this thinking I was getting your original machine for a lower price...I would really like to hear from you regarding this...I have wanted one of these machines for so long...I feel like I have been totally taken advantage of here...Any info would be of great help right now...Thanks Pam


Q U A N T I T Y  D I S C O U N T S  P A G E

Now you can have the opportunity to add additional comfort to your new chi machine by adding a hypo-allergenic medical grade sheepskin pad that lays over the ankle cradle and offers additional support and comfort to your chi health experience!


Main Features of the Chi Vitalizer:

  • Variable Speed Control
  • Automatic 15 Minute Timer
  • Thick Padded Ankle Rest
  • Molded Carrying Handle
  • 40 watt DC Motor
  • 2 Year Parts 1 Year Labor Warranty
  • 9.5 foot 3 Prong Grounded Cord
  • *Not to be confused with the imitation model sold elsewhere with grey color
A L L  M A J O R  C A R D S  A C C E P T E D
The Chi Vitalizer Machine
Chi Vitalizer

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