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We carry the largest selections of Chi Health, Aerobic Exercise, Oxygen Increasing, Machines in the World! You owe it to yourself to feel the benefits they have provided for thousands of others.
A1 Chi Machine Directory of Health Products A1 Chi Machines Sitemap Directory to efficently guide you to all of your desired locations effortlessly! New Products include the Portable Far Infraray Sauna, Portable Steam Sauna, Organic Noni Juice, Folding Hand Cart, and the Popular Massage Chair. Offering A Wide Range of Massagers For All Your Kneads. From Reflex Roller, the Max, Slim Fairy, Eye Massager, Power Tingler, Pro Massager, and the Magnetic massager. The Original Sun Harmony Chi Machine has a 28 watt single speed motor, a plastic ankle cradle, and carrying handle. The Isabelle AB-08 Machine has a 48 watt heavy duty motor, a plastic ankle cradle and carrying handle. The Swing Master Deluxe Machine has a 20 watt variable speed motor, a padded ankle cradle, and an automatic timer. The UK-202 Deluxe Machine has a 48 watt motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, adjustable mechanical timer, and a folding carrying handle. The Exerciser 3000 Machine,  DC multi speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, L.E.D. silent timer,  State-of-the-art commercial quality engineering. The Exerciser 2000 Machine,  DC single speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, L.E.D. silent timer,  State-of-the-art commercial quality engineering. The Evergain CN-305 Deluxe Machine has2 motors, a 50 watt and a 20 watt variable speed motor, Massage Panel, Comfortable padded ankle rest with built in magnetic therapy , Heat Energy Elements,  Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering. The Top Selling Evergain CN-308DL Machine has 2 motors, a 55 watt, and a 20 watt variable speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest with neck cradle, Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering, Heated Far Infraray Foot Massager, Magnet Therapy & Reflexology,  Digital remote controlled timer with customizable settings. The Evergain CN305  Machine has a 50 watt variable speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest , Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering. The Chi Swing Machine has a 20 watt motor, an adjustable timer, and a molded carrying handle. The Chi Vitalizer CY106 machine has a heavy duty 40 watt motor, padded ankle cradle, automatic timer, and  a molded carrying handle. Visit our Bargain Basement for the latest sale priced and closeout health products. The Chi Flow Machine has a DC motor, 3 automatic programs, LCD control panel

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Evergain Deluxe Portable FIR Energy Sauna

Portable FarInfraRay Sauna

T I N G L E R  H E A D  M A S S A G E R
Power Tingler Head Massager Ting Ting

Exerciser 3000 now available
Exerciser 3000 Chi Health Machine

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The Chi Swing Machine
The GD-301 Chi Machine
GD301 Chi Machine
The Swing Master Deluxe Chi Machine
The CN-305 Chi Machine
The UK-202 Chi Machine
The AB-08 Chi Machine
The  CN-305DL Machine
The Chi Vitalizer Machine
Chi Vitalizer
The CN-308 Stress Buster Chi Machine

Exerciser 1500 Chi Machine
Exerciser 1500

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Best Selling Chi Machine with most options
The Life Force Chi Machine with Exercise Disk
Life Force
The Sun Harmony Chi Machine
Sun Ancon

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