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A1 Chi Machine Directory of Health Products A1 Chi Machines Sitemap Directory to efficently guide you to all of your desired locations effortlessly! New Products include the Portable Far Infraray Sauna, Portable Steam Sauna, Organic Noni Juice, Folding Hand Cart, and the Popular Massage Chair. Offering A Wide Range of Massagers For All Your Kneads. From Reflex Roller, the Max, Slim Fairy, Eye Massager, Power Tingler, Pro Massager, and the Magnetic massager. The Original Sun Harmony Chi Machine has a 28 watt single speed motor, a plastic ankle cradle, and carrying handle. The Isabelle AB-08 Machine has a 48 watt heavy duty motor, a plastic ankle cradle and carrying handle. The Swing Master Deluxe Machine has a 20 watt variable speed motor, a padded ankle cradle, and an automatic timer. The UK-202 Deluxe Machine has a 48 watt motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, adjustable mechanical timer, and a folding carrying handle. The Exerciser 3000 Machine,  DC multi speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, L.E.D. silent timer,  State-of-the-art commercial quality engineering. The Exerciser 2000 Machine,  DC single speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest, L.E.D. silent timer,  State-of-the-art commercial quality engineering. The Evergain CN-305 Deluxe Machine has2 motors, a 50 watt and a 20 watt variable speed motor, Massage Panel, Comfortable padded ankle rest with built in magnetic therapy , Heat Energy Elements,  Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering. The Top Selling Evergain CN-308DL Machine has 2 motors, a 55 watt, and a 20 watt variable speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest with neck cradle, Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering, Heated Far Infraray Foot Massager, Magnet Therapy & Reflexology,  Digital remote controlled timer with customizable settings. The Evergain CN305  Machine has a 50 watt variable speed motor, Comfortable padded ankle rest , Built to medical specifications, State-of-the-art engineering. The Chi Swing Machine has a 20 watt motor, an adjustable timer, and a molded carrying handle. The Chi Vitalizer CY106 machine has a heavy duty 40 watt motor, padded ankle cradle, automatic timer, and  a molded carrying handle. Visit our Bargain Basement for the latest sale priced and closeout health products. The Chi Flow Machine has a DC motor, 3 automatic programs, LCD control panel

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Evergain Deluxe Portable FIR Energy Sauna

Portable FarInfraRay Sauna

T I N G L E R  H E A D  M A S S A G E R
Power Tingler Head Massager Ting Ting

Exerciser 3000 now available
Exerciser 3000 Chi Health Machine

Evergain CN 305 Deluxe Chi Aerobic Exerciser
Variable Speed Lateral Orbital Motion Device is a Stress Buster Machine with Far Infra Ray Shiatsu Massage Panel, Loaded with Great Features.

EVERGAIN CN 305 DL Chi Machine

"With Shiatsu Foot Massager"

Evergain 305dl Deluxe Aerobic Swim Exerciser
Lateral Motion Device

Evergain CN-305 Deluxe Chi Aerobic Exerciser
Retail Price: $350.00 plus
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The  Evergain CN-305DL Machine
The NEW Evergain 305DL Stress Buster Deluxe
has all the hi technology features offered with the Stress Buster Standard 305 aerobic exercisers.

PLUS it also has:

  • Deluxe anatomically molded padded ankle cradle to reduce stress on ankle region.

  • Far Infared Ray healing technology directly integrated into the foot massager. Produces and powerful high spectrum healing energy.

  • Adjustable heavy duty timer remote control offering custom settings of your choice.

  • 6 High Power 1500 gauss Bio-Magnets integrated into padded foot rest.

  • Variable speed offering you the customization of your personal healing chi energy experience.

Q U A N T I T Y  D I S C O U N T S  P A G E

Now you can have the opportunity to add additional comfort to your new chi machine by adding a hypo-allergenic medical grade sheepskin pad that lays over the ankle cradle and offers additional support and comfort to your chi health experience!

Firms and tones your thighs, hips, buttocks, and abs. Assists with stress-related conditions such as: anxiety, migraine headaches, lower back pain, constipation, nervousness and edema. Increases the blood circulation and bodily metabolism relaxing yet energizing WHOLE BODY. Increased oxygen to the blood and cells strengthens and tones your body and immune system in only 15 minutes per day. Improves the efficiency of your bodies organs including heart, liver, kidneys and other organs. Strengthens your immune system, lymphatic system, and respiratory system. Promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxification process, especially in the lower feet region. Users with FIBROMYALGIA, and DIABETES, have reported EXCELLENT BENEFITS with use of chi exercise machines.

Did you know that the most common ailments of lower back pain and headaches are due to hours of sitting at your desk or standing all day long? By doing this, your blood becomes increasingly stagnant. The Evergain 305 Deluxe CHI Machine can help reverse this effect by allowing increased blood circulation to assist in alleviating such sedentary symptoms. Currently, more and more doctors and alternative medicine practitioners are using richly oxygenized blood circulation as an important criteria for good health and well being.

The Evergain CN 305DL Chi Machine ComparisonThe Evergain 305DL functions include: Gentle multi speed vibrating shiatsu massage on the sole of the foot, instantly revitalizes the fatigue in your feet and legs. However it does not have all the custom features like the neck massager the Evergain 308 offers. View our Comparison Chart to see all the differences or call for details.

The Evergain CN 305 CHI Aerobic Exercise MachineThe Evergain 305 standard has the same features as the 305DL minus the fir shiatsu massage panel and the 6 High Power 1500 gauss Bio-Magnets.

Compare the Evergain CN 308 to any machine and you will see why it is the TOP SELLER!
The Evergain 308 Deluxe offers the additional features of Integrated Padded Neck Massager to increase mobility and range of motion in shoulders and neck, and reduce stress. Only one like it. Far Infared Ray healing technology directly integrated into the foot massager. Produces and powerful high spectrum healing heat. New LED digital timer remote control offering custom settings of your choice. Has a convenient "time left"view for the restless!


"This is good for any of us whose bodies obey the laws of gravity and will ease stress on spinal nerve roots... I like it!"
Dr. John E. Upledger, MD, DO

Reflexology is an ancient healing art dating back to the early EgyptiansThe 305DL Stimulates precise vital shiatsu points of the sole, promoting a wide range of healing benefits via reflexology, or trigger point massage.

Farinfra ray or FIR healing energy from the element stimulates tired cells and soothes the minds mental stress and tension. The soft, padded foot-rest gives extra comfort to the feet while in oscillating motions. The permanent magnets embedded in the soft foot-rest effect a magnetic therapy.

305 Deluxe Model additional functions: Integrated variable speed shiatsu foot massager. New adjustable heavy duty remote with customizable settings. Padded ankle cradle rest offers 6 High Power Bio-Magnets integrated into the anatomical molded soft padded foot rest.

The lungs are benefited with abundance of  rich and benefical oxygen.Cellular Activation
Massage offers stimulation to your sympathetic nervous system while opening up the bronchioles to provide maximum oxygen access to the lungs, simultaneously the blood flow to and from the lungs is dramatically increased, enhancing oxygen exchange from the lungs to the blood and therefore to the body cells, to excite cellular metabolism, or efficient energy exchange.

Spinal Balancing
With the body relaxed in the neutral lying down position with no weight on the spine, the massage unit will influence a correction to certain conditions of mis-alignment. Such corrective action has been reported to alleviate complications arising in the vertebrae joints and nerves from certain spinal mis-alignments.

Improving the Immune System
stimulates globulin production which increasing the immune and lymphatic systems natural healing defense capacity thereby providing greater freedom from a multitude of disorders and disease.

Highly Oxygenated Blood ProductionThe Chi Machine rocks and rolls your body into balance as you relax and release stress and toxins.
is produced in the bodies spleen and spinal bone marrow. Reduction of splenal blood production arises from the spleen's susceptibility to being easily damaged. The massager's action on the entire spine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system which increases spinal marrow blood production. Users have claimed, Diabetes, Lymphodema, and Anemia have been dramatically reduced with use of these amazing lateral motion chi massagers.

Restores balance to the Autonomic Nervous System
If the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems fail to ensure balance of function, insomnia, restless sleep, excessive dreaming, digestive problems, stomach pain, palpitation, anxiety, constipation, neurasthenia and extensive forms of aches and pains as well as mental stress may likely surface. The influence of the chi energy massager on the sympathetic nervous system can assist in restoring the vital balancing to nervous system, resulting in assisting restoration of health from such conditions.

Exercise to the Internal Organs
Western medical science is beginning to consider ancient eastern traditions that focus healing and good health on the WHOLE BODY, life force energy or CHI which flows in channels through all living forms of life . Acupuncture, Reflexology, associated bodywork, and Naturopathic therapies are being increasingly used by western practitioners to invigorate the life force energy balance of meridians to restore health to unhealthy organs and centers within the body. The Chinese refer to this energy as Chi, or in Japan as KI.

Evergain's 305DL Stress-Buster will assist in releasing the blocked Chi meridian pathways and ensure a maximum flow of this natural healing source, through all of the body organs, and systems to aid in restoring normal or improved functioning to impaired organs and body systems inner-related to these organs demanding jobs.

Main Features of the Evergain CN 305DL:

  • Multi Speed
  • Adjustable LED timer
  • FIR Reflexology Massage Panel
  • Weight - Approximately 15 Pounds
  • Padded Magnetic Footrest Platform
  • Molded Carrying Handle
  • 65 Watts of Power
A L L  M A J O R  C A R D S  A C C E P T E D
The  CN-305DL Machine
CN 305DL

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